Author:              E.J. Stewart
Illustrator:        William Stewart
Publisher:       Leaf & Vine Books
ISBN:               978-0-6151-8762-4
Category:        Juvenile Fiction
Published:      May 1, 2008
Pages:            202
Retail Price:   $16.95
Binding:          6" x 9" paperback

         A novel for teens.

  The Crimson Cardinal has
  been kidnapped!  The King
  takes the men of Larkwood
  to rescue him.  A family of
  mice who live in the castle
  struggles to survive in these
  dangerous times.
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✩✩✩✩✩    A great starter fantasy novella for young readers.,
Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

When the Crimson Cardinal goes missing, the King makes good on his promise. "The Lyre Birds" is a story of fantasy that is sure to help young readers get started. While the King goes to war, the enemy works against his kingdom through treachery, as its inhabitants deal with their own problems. With charming illustrations by William Stewart, "The Lyre Birds" is a great starter fantasy novella for young readers. 
Jacqueline Jill
River of Time
Not Satisfied